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With the support of the KY Circuit Court Clerks Trust For Life, HB57 was passed, setting up the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry, a confidential database of all registered organ donors in the state.

Join thousands of other Kentuckians and say “YES”.  Place your name on the KY Organ Donor Registry at www.donatelifeky.org.

FAQ:  Do I have to register on the website and sign my drivers license?  No.  It is most important that you join the Registry to state your wishes.  The physical license/ID card may not be available when the decision of donation is considered.  The Registry database is accessible at all times, by trained personnel.  The KY Organ Donor Registry is considered first person consent.  This means that your family will not have to make the decision for you, because by joining the Registry, you have chosen to be a donor, if you can.  The Registry is treated like a will, meaning your wishes to help others will be honored.