In 1992, the Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks successfully sponsored legislation through the Kentucky General Assembly that afforded every Kentuckian obtaining a driver’s license or ID an opportunity to donate $1.00 to promote organ & tissue donation. These dollar donations were put into a Trust.  The Circuit Clerks called it their Trust For Life.

Since creating the Trust, the Circuit Clerks have raised more than $9 million in Kentucky’s 120 counties. In 2012, more than 45% of all Kentuckians obtaining a license contributed. The Trust uses the funds from the $1.00 donations to raise public awareness and encourage organ and tissue donation throughout the Commonwealth through an extensive advertising and public relations effort.

The Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life was the first such program in the U.S., and since its inception, many other states have requested information about the program and a number of other states now have similar programs.

In 1999, the Trust established the Satterwhite Recipient Assistance Fund to raise money to directly aid Kentucky transplant recipients and their families. Money for this fund comes from events like the annual Satterwhite Golf Outing and fundraisers conducted by the Circuit Court Clerks as well as individual donations and bequests.

In 2006, the Trust For Life was one of the organizations that encouraged the Kentucky Legislature to pass HB57, setting up the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  It was named to a coalition that includes the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates (KODA) and other organizations, to create the state-wide, confidential registry of people who wish to help others through organ & tissue donation. Since 2006, over 1.3 million Kentuckians have placed their name on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. To add your name to the Registry, go to www.donatelifeky.org

In 2010, the Trust partnered with Kosair Charities to continue raising awareness about kids in need of organ transplants.  Our two organizations were originally linked by David Nicholson, Jefferson Co. Circuit Clerk, who is also a Shriner.  Every person who joins the Registry gives hope to kids and families in need.  Kosair Charities has also provided rent-free office space for the Trust since December 2011.

January 15, 2013  The Kentucky’s Circuit Clerk’s Offices launch new Organ Donor Heart on License.   Starting Jan. 23, 2013, you can now add a symbol that stands for hope and generosity on something you carry with you everywhere: your driver’s license.  Like Indiana, Ohio and several other states, Kentuckians now have the option to have an organ donor heart printed on their license.

In 2016, Kentucky reached the national goal of 50% of Kentuckians registered as organ donors! Dontae Life America awarded Kentucky the 2016 Donor Designation Rate award for Highest Increase at the AAMVA Region II Conference.

In July 2016, Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates awarded Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life a grant for over $300,000 to continue community outreach efforts to increase the number of lives saved through donation & transplantation.  Renewed annually, this grant marks a milestone in the partnership between KODA and TFL. With a combined Community Outreach Team, made up of KODA & TFL Staff members, the mission is promoted by a singular strategic plan and leadership focus.

For more information call toll free: (866) 945-LIFE (5433) or (502) 694-3015.

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