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  • Catie had a heart transplant at 5 weeks old now
  • Friday Fact this is around 145 a day multiplied by
  • Congratulations to trewfriends for creating a new chapter kywesleyan! Were
  • Weve been working on some new designs what do you
  • sigmapi chapters across the state have been out educating on
  • Happy nationalpetday from Zsa Zsa and Sir Winston! Theyre ready
  • clarkcountytrustforlife we just had to share! So cute!
  • We had awesome Blue and Green Day submissions! Heres a
  • Donate Life Month Day 5 Fact This 1000 doesnt include
  • BGDay18 you could win a 50 gift card if you
  • Thanks to all those nurses that make our mission possible!
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